New Jubilee Video Out Now!

This is your great-grandmother’s music video!

Kentucky’s CornMaiz String Band plays tunes handed down since the 1800s, so it’s only fitting that they’d make a video with an old-timey sensibility. This song lends itself perfectly to interpretation in the style of a ‘crankie’, an art form originally popular in Europe during the late 1800s. For the artwork, this family band decided to keep it in the family by collaborating with artist/musician Jannell Canerday, a distant cousin. Her whimsical and humorous illustrations bring to life the scenes from the song, featuring plants, animals, and settings that are special to the band (cornfields, snakes, wildflowers, and hawks, to name a few), as well as LOTS of dancing! The video element adds another way to enjoy this playful song, and enhances the brilliance of a Kentucky gem!

This is a traditional tune Carla learned from Jean Ritchie, her dear friend and mentor, whom she wanted to honor by including this track. Carla grew up on Sand Lick Creek, about 30 miles from Jean’s homeplace in Viper, and enjoyed decades of friendship and inspiration with Jean until her death. Carla’s version changes the melody and adds some of her own lyrics, but the joyful spirit of the mountain dance tune remains intact.

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