CornMaiz String Band

CornMaiz is a nouveau old-time family string band featuring original music, traditional, old-time tunes from East Kentucky, and unique versions of some famous cover songs.  Hailing from four different mountain counties, the band features clawhammer banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, fiddle, and three part harmonies.  Performances also include the exciting traditional Appalachian dance styles of flat-footing and clogging.  The group has performed at festivals and events throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and at festivals abroad in Mexico, Wales, Ireland, and Serbia. 

CornMaiz seeks to present the evolving traditions of Appalachia, and provide cultural perspectives and stories from their oft-stereotyped region, while sharing the fun and generous spirit of the genre! And while there are many bands from all over performing traditional Appalachian music, CornMaiz believes there is something potent and precious about artists from the region representing their own culture and sharing the stories of where and how they learned the music.

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